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OurOur Mission:Mission: HelpHelp bridgebridge thethe equityequity gap in employment opportunities for underserved groups.

Our Goal: Create More Opportunities.

We are pursuing this mission within the context of the Grand Challenges of Social Work by seeking to Harness Technology for Social Good, Ensure Healthy Development for All Youth, Promote Smart Decarceration, and Eradicate Social Isolation. Specifically, we develop, evaluate, and support the implementation of computerized simulations with virtual characters that Level Up one’s employment skills to help them get and keep their job.

WeWe harnessharness technologytechnology forfor socialsocial goodgood and healthy development for all youth and adults.

Virtual Interview Training = Meaningful Support + More Jobs

Youth ages 16 to 26 receiving special education services have critically low employment rates compared to their peers without disabilities. We aim to help enhance federally-mandated transition services supporting youth receiving special education services in high school or post-secondary educational settings.

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Join us as we gain more community partners (e.g., schools, prisons, vocational rehabilitation agencies), trainees, and access to jobs for underserved and marginalized groups through our research and implementation support efforts.


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Follow our journey and research in supporting youth and adults as they level up around the country

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