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What Teachers and Administrators Say

Across our evaluations of the virtual interview tools, we observed uniform support from more than 75 teachers and administrators across rural, suburban, and urban schools in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. Their data come from research surveys, focus groups, and interviews.


Teachers in their own words…


“I was really impressed that they did stick with it. …especially with our kind of kids, normally, they would tend to come up with excuses, or you know, “I don’t wanna do it” or “I’m done” or “I’m not participating.” But my kids really stuck with it. So there’s something there that really was intriguing to them. Even though so many of them had a fear of getting a job. It’s still intriguing to them about, “ok, I have something now if I go to get a job.” I think it built their confidence a little. Even though some of them aren’t looking right now. It took that fear out of “when I do have to go interview,” which for my kids that’s the biggest thing, you know, fear and anxiety.”


“I personally think that it’s a very helpful tool. I think that it makes the material very engaging first of all. People want to click through to see what she’s going to say next. And I think that the way that the videos are, they sort of broke down what you need to be looking for as far as the learning targets and things like that. So I think KENDRA [the job coach] was a very helpful feature of a tool.”


“And I think it’s good that you have both men and women, and different cultures, because some kids are, you know if you’re not comfortable, I mean if you’re very white privileged and you’re not really comfortable having to “answer to” an African American man, some might have a difficult time with that. But that’s real. You don’t know who’s going to be interviewing you. That’s real.”


“I think it’s been very beneficial. We’ve been excited about it. Our board has been very excited about it. They’ve had really good things to say and are really excited. And just thank you to your staff for being so professional with our students who are differently abled and have barriers and things like that, you guys have been really great and very accommodating.”