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Youth Learners

Level Up with Virtual Interview Training for Transition-Age Youth (VIT-TAY)

The fictional company, Wondersmart, is hiring for 14 jobs at their new location. Rita Muniz and Travis Bishop provide interview practice, while Kendra walks youth with disabilities and other needs (e.g., autism, juvenile justice) through the training program to help them get prepared for real-life job interviews. Each part of the program was specifically designed to help learners level up their skills and confidence. 


Level Up Finding a Friend to Help

Navigating new software, like finding a new job, can be hard. Kendra helps new learners know what to expect from the training, teaches them to use it’s features, makes learning easier by reading on-screen content, and gives them a chance to make a friend at work.



Level Up Understanding How to Get a Job

There are lots of steps to finding a job, from knowing who is hiring to following up after the interview. This part of the program helps learners understand what’s expected of them in every step of the process.




Level Up Getting an Interview

The first step to getting an interview is applying for the job. This part of the program lets learners practice an online application by entering information about themselves and reading tips and advice to help them on real applications.



Level Up Knowledge about Job Requirements

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a job helps us determine if it’s going to be a good fit. Learners can explore the 14 jobs Wondersmart offers to find the one that may be right for them.




Level Up Knowledge of What Managers Want

To get a job, you have to know what the company is looking for. The program organizes ten learning goals into three basic questions to help learners show a new manager that they’re the right person for the team.




Level Up Confidence through Practice

Interviews make everybody nervous, and confidence in our ability helps us do a better job. This part of the program helps learners build confidence through practice interviews with Rita Muniz and Travis Bishop. They each have a bank of 1300+ questions and use information from the practice application and job selection to choose the right questions for each learner.



Level Up Skills with Feedback

Advice from experts helps us build our skills. SIMmantha, the coach, gives in-the-moment feedback during the interview, and the scores after the interview lets learners review their performance and get tips on how to do better next time.



Level Up Getting the Job

Building skills and confidence takes time. The program allows learners to talk with Ms. Muniz and Mr. Bishop again and again, practicing more difficult interviews as the questions get harder and more goals are added to ensure learners are ready for their next real-life interview.





Hear from People Who Leveled Up


Transition-age youth and their instructors throughout the community are talking about VIT-YAT. We have partners in high schools, adult transition services, mental health services, and prisons. Their success is the reason we help people Level Up their employment skills.


“The experience of the whole program was amazing and it seriously boosted my confidence for a “real deal” interview.”
– Special Education Student


“…along with the feedback from the Virtual Interview for the interns. I attribute this program for 100% of the interns being offered competitive employment last year.”
– Teacher


“I was really impressed that they did stick with it. And that so many did 15 or more. So I know, especially with our kind of kids, they would just tend to come up with, you know, normally, they would tend to come up with excuses, or you know, “I don’t wanna do it” or “I’m done” or “I’m not participating.” But my kids really stuck with it. So there’s something there that really was intriguing to them. Even though so many of them had a fear of getting a job. It’s still intriguing to them about, “ok, I have something now if I go to get a job.” I think it built their confidence a little. Even though some of them aren’t looking right now. It took that fear out of “when I do have to go interview,” which for my kids that’s the biggest thing, you know, fear and anxiety.”
– Teacher


“I think it’s been very beneficial. We’ve been excited about it. Our board has been very excited about it. They’ve had really good things to say and are really excited. And just thank you to your staff for being so professional with our students who are differently abled and have barriers and things like that, you guys have been really great and very accommodating.”
– School Administrator


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