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Implementation: How Can We Help You?

Level Up Your Training with Virtual Interview Tools


The Level Up Employment Skills Simulation Lab has joined with SIMmersion LLC to help schools, vocational rehabilitation centers, and transition service providers integrate Virtual Interview Training into their programs. Level Up provides these community partners with best practices, staff training, and guidance to minimize the resources needed to incorporate the tools into each new setting, while SIMmersion provides online access and technical support for the products.


Organizations Supporting Adult Job Seekers

Interviewing with Molly Porter may be an excellent addition to adult services supporting individuals looking to enhance their job interview skills. For example, this training can be added to services such as:


Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment

Supported Employment

Michigan Department of Corrections Vocational Villages

Recovery and Anti-Stigma Advocacy

Military Veteran Programs


Organizations Supporting Transition-Age Youth

Interviewing with Rita Muniz and Travis Bishop may be an excellent addition to enhance services for transition age youth in educational systems, foster care, and juvenile justice settings. For example, this training has already been evaluated within programs such as:


Illinois Secondary Transitional Experience Program (STEP)

Michigan Career and Technical Institute


Supported Education


Direct Access without Implementation Support

SIMmersion developed, owns, and licenses the training programs for commercial use. In addition to providing access to the interactive training tools, they support partner organizations by offering an online learning management system, administrative tracking tools, and support services designed to optimize the end-user experience at all organizational levels. For more information or to try the training, contact SIMmersion here.