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Adult Learners

Level Up with Virtual Reality Job Interview Training (VR-JIT)


Molly Porter works at the fictional company Wondersmart. Her job is to help adults with serious mental illness or other needs (e.g. veterans, justice-involvement) get prepared for real-life job interviews. Each part of the program was specifically designed to help learners level up their skills and confidence. 


Level Up Understanding How to Get a Job

Finding a job can be hard, and at times upsetting. This part of the program helps learners understand what’s expected of them in every step of the process from finding an opening to starting on the first day.




Level Up Getting an Interview

The first step to getting a job is applying. This part of the program lets learners practice an online application by entering information about themselves and reading tips and advice to help them on real applications.



Level Up Knowledge of What Managers Want

To get a job, you have to know what the company is looking for. The program includes 8 learning goals that show a new manager that you’re the right person to join their team.




Level Up Confidence through Practice

Interviews make everybody nervous, and confidence in our ability helps us do a better job. This part of the program helps learners build confidence through practice interviews with Molly. She has a bank of 1000 questions and uses information from the practice application to choose the right questions for each learner.




Level Up  Skills with Feedback

Advice from experts helps us build our skills. SIMmantha, your coach, gives in-the-moment feedback while learners talk with Molly, and the Interview Assessment after the interview lets learners review their performance and get tips on how to do better next time.




Level Up Getting the Job

Building skills and confidence takes time. The program allows learners to talk with Molly again and again, practicing more difficult interviews as the questions get harder and more goals are added to ensure learners are ready for their next real-life interview.



Hear from People Who Leveled Up


Adult learners and their instructors throughout the community are talking about Molly. We have partners in high schools, adult transition services, mental health services, and prisons. Their success is the reason we help people Level Up their employment skills




“Initially I was kind of apprehensive, as I took the Molly program, I found that it was going to better my situation … it enabled me to…to have better responses to the [interview] questions. Elevating you to a job.”
– Adult Learner with Serious Mental Illness


“I personally like that they get the interview experience and it’s not 100% on the employment specialist to get them that. Just ‘cause I feel like I’m sometimes crazy and running around and they still can get the mock interview kind of experience without me, and maybe a little bit more professional manner, too.”
– IPS Employment Specialist


“The realistic training made me feel as though I was actually interviewing for a job.”
– Returning Citizen Learner


“Learning what were right and wrong responses to say and when to ask questions.”
– Returning Citizen Learner


“….there is a benefit to it. Prison staff mock interviews are professional (with employers) only, and the tool can offer different scenarios and situations like friendly, business serious, and inappropriate. It is beneficial to have returning citizens in the thought process of what is appropriate or not because our staff doesn’t do that. The tool also takes the burden off of staff for mock interviews because we only have so much time for them.”
– Prison Pre-Employment Instructor



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