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Mechanism of Action for Obtaining Job Offers after Virtual Job Interviewing


Four randomized controlled trials revealed that virtual-reality job interview training (VR-JIT) improved inter- viewing skills and the odds of obtaining a job offer among trainees with severe mental illness or autism spectrum dis- order. This study assessed whether postintervention interviewing skills mediated the relationship between completion of virtual interviews and receiving job offers by six-month follow-up.



VR-JIT trainees (N=79) completed pre- and post- test mock interviews and a brief survey approximately six months later to assess whether they received a job offer.



As hypothesized, analyses indicated that the number of completed virtual interviews predicted greater post- test interviewing skills (b=.20, 95% posterior credible interval [PCI]=.08–.33), which in turn predicted trainees’ obtaining a job offer (b=.28, 95% PCI=.01–.53).



VR-JIT may provide a mechanism of action that helps trainees with various psychiatric diagnoses obtain job offers in the community. Future research can evaluate the community-based effectiveness of this novel intervention.