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Jamie Mitchell

Jamie Mitchell is an assistant professor of Social Work. Her research agenda is interdisciplinary, and focused on understanding indicators of health participation for older African American men across multiple domains such as medical visit communication, decision-making, and disease self-management; behaviors that contribute to longevity and quality of life. 


Her research projects account for barriers to and predictors of older minority men’s healthcare interactions, health utilization patterns, unmet information needs, and self-advocacy and self-efficacy to manage their own health. 


In her role as co-director of the Healthier Black Elders Center in Detroit, Jamie also promotes health research participation with a focus on bolstering the representation of African American older adults in NIH-relevant research on cancer and chronic disease care and outcomes. 


As a member of the Level Up Lab, Jamie is a co-investigator on the Lab’s randomized controlled trial to evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of virtual reality job interview training in ex-offenders preparing to return to their communities.