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Dr. Williams Joins Level Up Lab as Postdoctoral Fellow

We are proud to announce that Dr. Ed-Dee Williams is joining the Level Up Lab team as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. We congratulate Dr. Williams on successfully defending his dissertation. Dr. Williams recently completed his PhD through the Joint Social Work and Sociology PhD Program at the University of Michigan. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Masters of Social Work degree, specializing in interpersonal practice, mental health and social policy and evaluation from the University of Michigan as well. Prior to beginning his time as a PhD student Ed-Dee worked as a clinical social worker for youth experiencing mental health challenges and youth residing in residential facilities.


Dr. Williams joined the Level Up Lab in 2020 as a doctoral student and recently transitioned to a postdoctoral fellow. His research focuses on Black boys with autism and social skill intervention development. He successfully defended a dissertation that focused on Black/African American boys’ perceptions of depression, mental health help-seeking behaviors and use of school mental health services.


Dr. Williams uses a mixed methods approach and a socio-ecological lens in his dissertation work and looks to help school mental health services better target Black/African American boys by integrating Black boys views, perceptions and beliefs into available school mental health services.