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Brittani S. Parham

Brittani S. Parham

Brittani Parham is a graduate student in the Joint Social Work and Developmental Psychology doctoral program at the University of Michigan. She received her Bachelor of Psychology and African American Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in 2016. Brittani comes to Level UP with experience working with vulnerable populations within criminal justice settings.


During her time at VCU, Brittani engaged with the juvenile justice system as a Youth Counselor at the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center. Upon graduation, she was hired as an Adult Probation Officer for the city of Richmond, Virginia for two years.


Her current research interests include:


The evaluation of the Virtual Reality Job Interview Tool within juvenile justice and adult criminal justice facilities.


 The evaluation of state and federal policy impacting youth within vulnerable populations: to what extent are current programs feasible, effective, and appropriate for the populations we serve?


The intersection of developmental pathways of juvenile delinquency within the family context of African Americans: in particular the roles siblings play as a potential protective factor against aggression, delinquency, and lack of emotional regulation.